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Min opfattelse af virkeligheden

(alle datoer)- fra mig. Det er mig velbehageligt og dig til velsignelse."
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6. april
"Læg alt det materielle i min hånd - både i nuet og i fremtiden. Gå varsomt og se opad!
Den, som vil følge min vej, skal finde den. Vær ikke ængstelig, som verdens børn er det, men bliv med din tillid i MIG!"
April 6 2023 Kl 4:15
I have for some times now, been thinking of Gods Words to Troy Black, about: "Stay in the Cave!"
This is one of those lignelser forein words, that has to be explained, if we will understand The Lord God Almighty.
I my self have a cave in Jerusalem, with my own key.
I could stay in My Cave, in Holy Land, even in Jerusalem, IF this is what God find so important, and HE DO say to troy: The person left HIS CAVE, and run after his or her family, to LET THEM have the same bestoved presence of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, and when they came back: TO THE CAVE he she and they were unable to climb up the hill to the cave, no mather how mutch they tried.
Of cause I wonderd, I would not bring my self in that possition.
(I think I have been in Jerusalem 5 times the past 6 month, because
Without comming closer to the truth for me, to God or to the angles, let me talk about it or explain:

When I was baptized in wather and in spirit for 50 years ago in 1970, spring, I was alone with God, I had no one to speak with, it was not my goal to invite anyone to my spiritual exsperiences, my level of spiritual exsperieces was high, I was in the world, but my world acted like our exspectaions of: "How it will be in Paradise!"
Everyone: People and animals had a harmonious behavior, towards me.
On my travel home, from Copenhagen to Roskilde some 30 Kilometre 20 Miles, ohh I could go on. This was just after my baptism, baptised alone with God and followed up with angles singings from the bricks surrounded me, as John The Baptism talk about. When speaking of Abraham.

If no one is there for us God can still do everything needed, if this is what he want.
I RETURNED, with my cave, with my thoughts, everythin stored in My Cave, I went back, to the neverending storry.
As well as I do even to day.
Saying: This room of mine is my cave, God I feel no different In Denmark, where I live, or in Jerusalem, where I want to live.
There is a bench just outside My Cave there
A litle garden and a fence too, we can have meetings on top of the cave, etc
But Cave is not what God ment, when saying to Troy Black: Stay there, dont go an call your wife to come and see the Angle, you woill not be able to climb up to the cave again, IF YOU TRY THAT.

WHAT WHAT what are you talking about?

My cave is not in Jerusalem, or in Denmark or in SLC.

Exspect more to come. BEFORE you call anyone to join you.
Christ Jesus went to HIS CAVE for 40 dayes.
40 days of thinking.
That made HIM MATURE.
Use this part of HIS LIFE and follow HIM.

Now, in these dayes we are celebrating EASTER
in next week AKE are celebrating Easter, together with God and all the angles.
I will bring her EASTER as soon as I can.
The storry are already on my computer. Time now is 5:01 Maundy Thursday
The Prophets were excited, as I exsperienced in those dayes, for my preparation, to become someone God speaks through. 50 years of work and exsperiences.
When joining the Prophets in dance and in musik, we become like David, he went so far to be dansing naked.
PS! It is Jesus you should follow.

Why was David not a profet? He was.
But more prophet? He was.
He had HIS moment with the LORD, when he was working as a child.

Take anything from me, but not the Spirit he said. When faling and tempted to fall in love with the Prophets daughter. (Who had chosen the wrong man, to become her husband). (She was chosen to be in the motherline to Jesus, no one else at that time, had that blessing). Things went as they should go, so says the Lord God Almighty.
Kl 5:33 why this: Another subject?
Because until this day / this year there has only been 200 000 000 people in Gods Holy Army, like David or like you and me, one out of 30, from to day and foreward, it will be "all mankind"
Those that survive, will stay for ever, or be everlasting people.
They will be at least a hundred years old.
The waters at the time of Noah covert the whole earth.
The Spirit of the Lord, the Holy Fire, cover the whole earth,
as it did in YOUS DAYES - - - - - and I can also say: AS NOW!!!!!!!!

First born? Or second born?
Our elder brother, did not fall, as we did.
Jesus was first born, and it was 2000 years ago.
Tomorrow, God will find another to be Firstborn, some where.
What is the problem?
I newer heard of a second born. My focus has always been on Jesus and God Almighty and lately The Holy Spirit, (because She is Gods Soulmate).
In my point of wieuw She is the most important person for us human, SHE is there for me all the time. It always take some time, to get an answer for God Almighty or from Jesus, no, not from Jesus, He sits beside me al the time.
And when needed God give me His answer before I ask for it.
Every time I work prophetic, it shows up, this is how He often works.
To surprice me.
Even in this letter.
Bringing the story about King David.
Going to bed, and then: You could also writh about - - as done.
Now I will try to go to bed. (not again, because I do it all the times, every day, I always love to be interrupted by God Almighty, if I am too tired, He strengthen me up, I like to be strong. He makes me strong.)

If I am a sinner: Sorry this is not of your buissines, some people know I am a sinner, but it is only between ME AND GOD.
He loves me, and some people hate me, because it has been their desition, to make or find rules for me. As it happend for everyone, for this reason there is an earthquake. That makes the line between day and night, the darkness do not understand the light, for darknes anny light is an enemy.
Wather and rocks. - - seeds in the fields, seeds are strong. etc
A child can stand up against the wind, it can controle fire, maybe the child are the strongest in the nature among all the livings.
Kl 9:04 Enable was God speaking to me, when I was waiting for power to stand up, and do some work.
Enable is used in computer programs, to make them works.
Giving permission to work.
So as sinfull some people would call me, I stand up and had a good time working, as a sinner.
Recieving a lot of revelations I was total satisfied, even to a limit where I could say: If I should die without exsperience what I have been told, to go through, I would happyly leave it all and go for Heaven in stead.
Moses was satisfied with what he did, and God was satisfied with Moses for what THEY DID TOGETHER. was one of my conversations, during the past hour or two.
Both God and Moses knew beforehand, that Moses would fall because of Aron and his sons.
But of love Moses spoke with Aron, his brother about everything.
Mases felt for Arons eager to come close to God All Mighty, Aron spend his hours outside the tenth of revelation, like we do when waiting for the next message from Troy Black or from Julia Green.
It is our best time, like it was for Aron.
And more of things I have forgotten now, went throug my speaking with the Lord as a sinner, in some peoples opinion.
Remember, when David came home, after being naked in publick, one of his women complain against him, for being naked in public, She never gave birth to a child after that.
God say it over and over again, even to Bileam, the prophet who (by the way, and for money) told the enemy of Israel: PORN and hores can destroy ISRAEL.
Bileam and his fellowfriends goes to Hell, to the Neterworld, God Almighty will not be abel to be their Redeemer. Their choice. (Revelation 2:14 (N
um 25:1 + except for those named to join Israel in Num 31:16 Jud 11)
Kl 10:51 "for money"
Being together with Bileam, and having no exsperiences, he is gone, he is nothing. Then my thoughts came to two internets prophets, Jonathan Chan and "it is super Naturel" the last one shares everything evil, as well, for this reason he has to close his buisness. His workers should know already.
Jonathan Chan is more special, HE is not listening to God Almighty.
He has been warned many times, and are not listening to God Almighty.
I gave Him a new revelation, and waited to see, what happend.
Maby I could share all and everything through him, I thought.
(I did the same thing to the Arabs, the Mekka Muslims, years ago, they failed! By changing the WORDS OF GOD ALMIGHTY, - - YOUR REDEEMER.)

He (and they) then changed everything, I GAVE HIM, and made it HIS OWN inspiret version. (I have a copy of my mail to you, your pages on the internet prowes the rest, I am saying).
That is STEALING FROM ONE ANOTHER, sorry Jonathan Chan, this is not how God keep HIS WORDS CLEAN.
Book of Mormon is made by Solomon Spaulding, then Stolen at the bookprinter and brought to Joseph Smith, then misused by a Free Mason church to lead 8 million people away from God All Mighty. (Straith to Hell).
Are you Jonathan Chan ready to follow those souls you are leading to Hell, because they will call for you from the Netherworld, and ask you to be present, when they have all their complains, for you, because of you.
Then you will regret you even tryed to mislead the Sons of God, - - for money.

Jeremiah 23:30 Therefore, behold, I am against the prophets, saith the Lord, that steal my words every one from his neighbour.
Jeremias 23:30. Se, derfor kommer jeg over Profeterne, lyder det fra Herren, de, som stjæler mine ord fra hverandre.

Kl 12:08 a Whealer Guy some years ago, his friend and group went throug the whole Bible. I was there, also.