We will be depressed, in 2009 is the peak

August 10. 2009


àéùèñùúáàëãð we will be depressed; in 2009 is the peak Skip -9
èéùúä Year 5719 Year 1959 Skip -9 (20 Av = August 24 in 1959)
èñùúáàë 20 Av 769 - August 10 2009 Skip -9

Inspired translation of Songs of Songs 5:2 etc.
Jesus, who is now resting in peace, in glory, in Heavenly Jerusalem, in Zion, the voice and the prayers from His darling come deep in to HIS Heart. And then He says:
For ME she is MY sister, she is MY Shepherdess, she is My dove, she is flawless one of ME,
but oh MY head of MINE, her troubles of darkness is thorns in MY head, from the cup of darkness. (Isaiah 33:12 51:17 51:22 Matthew 20:22 Mark 10:38 1 Corinthians 10:16 10:21 )

5:3 I stripped for you, MY tunic, MY glory! How shall I give it to you? My son, MY daughter?
I forgive you, with MY own blood, I washed the dust of your feet's with MY blood.
What more can I do for you, - now?

5:4 My bellowed Darling, I'm stretching forth MY hand to YOU, from the bottom of MY heart.
But YOU and they hinder ME.

This code is Inspired from: http://www.exodus2006.com/Fab3/depressed-in-2009.htm

An update of the "Suitable, you will crush (with) a financial crisis" code found last September: http://www.exodus2006.com/Fab3/financial-crisis.htm I focused on the second date found in the matrix "we will be depressed, in 2009", and found the following additional extension (in red): "we will be depressed, in 2009 is the peak". I also found the additional terms in the near vicinity "from the fraud", "despoiling" , "naked" (see: http://www.exodus2006.com/Fab3/World-wide-famine3.htm)

made on January 23-24. 2009 By Mil Jan Wind Denmark www.41F8.com
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