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Min opfattelse af virkeligheden

(alle datoer)- fra mig. Det er mig velbehageligt og dig til velsignelse."
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1. april
"Hør mine børn: jeres glæde er også min glæde. Som barnets glæde er moderens.
Frugten modnes i min glædes sol. Glæd jer i mig, søg glæden i mit samfund; glæden giver rundeligt, glæden er frugtbar!
Spørg efter mig og se efter mig i alt, hvad du møder, og freden og glæden vil sejre.
Gå i mit NAVN og på mit ORD, så har jeg ansvaret."
April 1 2023 Kl 2:56
Your Pilot, at your service.
Kl 3:02 why all these secrets?
That no man get credit for serving the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, your redemer. THEY WORK IN SECRET. So do I.
Kl 3:07 can a Light Tower, stand in secret? Yes, then it is called: "A Miracle"
Remember, it is not the "Light Tower" but it is when the Captain is acting, acording to the warnings from the Light Tower.
Kl 3:35 If you make another course? Change your direction, not listen to the NEW warnings? Then you will lose your ship. it become a wreck.
Kl 3:50 if some of your leaders, stay with the money, not accepting the Present Time of Acts, where the Apostles intruduce the "united Order" = "the New World Order" then you now know, how and where you can find the Comforter, by thinking of God Almighty, Your Redeemer.
Your thoughts are now a part of the TRUE and LIVING Church of Christ.
I have been there since 1970, and am still going strong.
Jesus left by air.
I could fly from AAL Denmark to SLC for 1000 $ with KLM being in SLC PM 19:00 sunday, for no use.
Every try, helping LDS, I had made, troughout 48 years has been in vain.
But Jesus told me, what has been going on, every time I try and try again.
He knows the Comforter, first hand, as I do. (And now as you do).

Should I care? Yes for Jesus, God Our Father and The Holy Spirit Gods Soulmate. (Creator of all the things, God want to be done or to be made)
I do this wrighting guidet by The Comforter, cant you see it?

You are not my church, if you were, you would do as I speak.
Says the Lord, your Redemer.
4:18 BY NO CHANCE YOU CAN MAKE IT BY YOURSELF, ALONE by your own might! As usual. Open sea is more safe, than trouble waters, as where you are in now.
I am the pilot, in these waters, I am the Light Tower, Says the Lord, God Almighty, Your Redemer.
You were weat when you enter the ARC of a church, and if you also got weat when you leave the wreck, so be it. Noah had an ARCH, it is now found as a wreck, by Ron Wyatt. (Same man, who also found where Jesus was Crusified etc)
Kl 4:29 you can use the old church buildings as a restaurent,a meeting and eating point for the Branches in your area.
This is how it all began, the rich gave or paid for the food, and everyone came together dancing and praysing the Lord God Almighty.
Do as you use to do, but on a higher level: Level up. So to speak.
Kl 7:32 On an apostollic level.
Kl 7:32 Don't sit up in the Fig tree with all the knowledge, come down and play, be there, like God Almighty Our Father. Like Jesus and Our Holy Spirit.
Praice the Lord Our Redeemer. Let us party for Our Salvation.