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Min opfattelse af virkeligheden

(alle datoer)- fra mig. Det er mig velbehageligt og dig til velsignelse."
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12. april
- Jesus, jeg føler mig så tom og fattig. -
"Så er jeg dig særlig nær, for at jeg kan være din fylde og din rigdom. Og jeg må spørge dig: vil du være tom for alt andet - og fattig? Uden anden fylde og rigdom end mig? Er det det, dit hjerte ønsker? Det er ikke den, som føler, men den som afstår, jeg kan fylde - den som hellere vil eje mig end alle andre værdier."
- Det kan jeg ikke selv. Jesus, gør dit under!
"Salig er den, som ved sig tom og fattig, og som ikke ønsker sig anden hjælp end min og mig selv!"
April 12 2023 Kl
AM 6:19 This morning I woke up earlier than now, God Almighty and Jesus was silence, and I was silence: I would not wake THEM.
After half a hour i felt asleap again.
Now, or this time I was thinking: When did this life of mine started?
50 or 60 years ago?
I must say: I am getting closer to 70 years ago, after going through my childhood.
My mother raised me up, to become a believer.
Her foster father was a believer, one of the great one, his life was filled with miracles, I wanted to follow in his steps. Having old ships like he had, finding and restoring old ships like he did.
His son, my onkel was an engeniere, and I want to follow and go in his foodsteps too and chose my education to become an electroenginere, but failed, restoring ships? I failed them too. It was big ships, I would travel around the world, my goal was the seven seas, I have a shirt called seven seas. And a drivinglicence for handling big, smal ships. as a skipper.
I have prepared my self. But girls were the second most important part of my life. God came out as MY WINNER over me.
Before I became a born again, in 1970 I was seeking god, and read a lot of people who believed in God like my grand father.
It was a lot of reading. And finding the road, I tryed to walk on it, and failed that also. I would be a monk, but failed.
God did not stop there, but by chosing a falior like me.
Just because HE IS MY WINNER.
That might help you to Chose God, as I did.
His friendship with me has lasted my whole life, as far, as I remember.
Guck mal (= tag et kik) (= Have a look) was my first german words, using when I jumped around i my garden as child, impressing my mothers sister and family from germany, making a coal bucket, running fast, making a fast turn etc.
and I have not changed I still says: "Guck mal!"
Now it is about God. "Guck mal: what He has done"
Like my Foster Grand Pa did to me. (= grandfather)
He was 18 and a marine, when he married my Grandmother 10 years older and with kids, left alone by her first husban.
They became a big family 10 or more sisters and brothers to my mothe, the oldest and she was dynamite, having to work like a mother, helping and taking care of the groving family. She loved them, and want me to know every one of them, living arond in the world, Genmany, England, Norway, USA and Denmark to here and there. I was 9 travelling alone to Her sister in Sunderland near Newcastle England.
AM 9:34 Challenger, for a specifik reason.
I am a challenger, Julie Green is a challenger, we are all challengers.
When we dare to do: What we think. Or just dare to be.
God is a challenger. When He begin to make us Holy. That we: At the end can be together with Him, in Holyness.
A Christian congregation asked Gud Almighty to show up, for them at a meeting.
One holy one, stand up inspired and told the: Stop, Stop asking God to show up, if He DID we would all be dead at the wery same moment.
He God Almighty will show up when it is time for us.
When the Israilies was told, that they had the True Arch of Government in their city, (in The Cave of Jerimiah) they sendt several priest 5 or 6 young men in the cave, because the men was consideret as Holy, after training in their school, they all died, because of the Holyness being with the Ark of Covernment, made by Moses, at his time of life.
One and only worty and Holy man was Ron Whyatt, who was asked to pull them out of the cave, as dead corps.
If you want to see a holy man, look at Ron Wyatt, there is film of him on youtube.
He was a CHALLENGER with succes.
We are all challengers, this explain why we left God, and why we seek God, because we want to come home, after challenged the universe a part from our safe HOME, a part from our safe family.
Thanks God He lives for eternity.
And Julie Green is a challenger with succes.
For this specifik reason, God told Julie: It will comes in the NEWS.
AM 11:00 For God Almighty it was a Challenge to go after the lost sheep, 1 of 100 that was lost, somewhere "in the world"
The world is outside "home"
Should we have stayed home?
Or should we be a challenge for God to bring us home to where WE belongs for eternity? (And from where we came from, tempted to leave, for some reasons I dont know of.)
Eve was temptet, and had no choice to avoid it, Adam was then tempted, and had no choice to avoid it.
I think it was the same for God. He had no choice to avoid it.
And for Jesus, He had no choice to avoid it. (to love the world)
(His church to fall) (But He knows how to bring the church back)
You will see, what He can make out of dust.
You just wait! (Henry Higgins) You just wait!
PM 14:54 (PM 2:54 who cares, I always say PM 14:54 dobbel secure, that everyone get it right, for no reason, - at all.)
I saw a Ron Wyatt youtube to day Ron Wyatt and the Mark of the Beast
I have the Mark of The Beast in in my tenth of a boddy, it took me 19 years to get it. It is Jesus HIMSELF. My Priest, who sits beside God Almighty OUR Father and OUR creator, THEY are OUR Redeemer, and I join them as well, being ONE body in Christ.
A longer and better clip of Ron Wyatt is:
If I should reinforce the SABBAT it should be to: Friday, Satturday and Sunday, the three days, making Muslims, Bible believers like Jews, and Christians who had a point in: cellebrating the Resurrection of Jesus and of us all. (And we ow God that and the dayes of having SABBAT.
It is PAY BACK time. Pay what you have been stolen, (from God?) do it twice as Moses said, do it 4 times as Nikodemus did.
Year 1000 manny landowners gave their land to the King and mostly to the Church.
After a life as a munk, in Ireland and in many other places, like in Italy, they went disapointed back to normal life, without having a house, where they could return to.
Some of them was able to rent their old farm, and had to pay thite to the church. (I think, I had never exsamine this statement).
Some of the great Cathedrals can be dated back to these years.
The Free Masons had a great time then and also later, in their history.
Building churches, and a monastery for them self, with free food, free sex maybe, free music in the chappel, news was reading up laud when they were eating. As it is done for everyone in a modern life with a radio or TV running in the background.
This life of luxury can be dated back to before year 1000 AD
15:53 and this way, they could learn how to manipulate people to do things they want them to do. As it hapened for Saint Patric who had royal blood and was firstborn, and the right hare to the British Throne.
Same hapened in Sweden, and in Denmark and in manny places I have not yet heard about. Oh yes, there was one more who become a Saint and Patriot in Odense Denmark, at that time.
He was going to live for ever, and therefor all his gold, silver, iron etc his horse and faithful servants was burried with the King, in a huge ship.
Later the munk emty the grave for silver and gold, that they could use for blessing the next king, and some of the tresures was sendt to The Vatican in Rome.
The bluetoth was a svord made in Istanbul, special, because it was layers of steal, and it was able to cut right through other swords, from that time.
Their fortresses was cirkular ramparts an exat copy of the roman four square style, and again, they were a copy of Jerusalem. Now we are going back to the time of King Solomon.
Copyrights? round or square, who came first? God did in Jerusalem. and even before the Arch of Noah, but this would be another storry, I know nothing about now. (afetr an hour maybe, but not now.) and I dont care.
AM 17:58 Dear Lord God Allmigfhty, Dear Jesus, and dear Holy Spirit.
Have you madeyourself CLEAR for me.
Join or Join not?
Yesterday YOU said The Time is Right!
Now would be fine for YOU.
When I go on, you had said: AHH JAN, it would be nice for YOU, for US, if I change my words, or your words, I SAY: YOU ARE RIGHT, ABSOLUTLY, AND I CHANGED THE WORDS OF YOURS. (because they are for another time, in the future,)
TO DAY! When I am ready! You putt me in bed to sleap, every time I try to bring OUR STUF on the internet. I Like it, that is not a problem for me.
It is the time, and what? I can be active.
I am well pleased with bringing my preparetion, my years, before you blessed me with JESUS as my personal High Priest, in my tenth.
I believe and understand we are of an old covernment, but I also can see Your Future Plans for Your People. No Limmitt put no limmitt on My Plans, I understand I am full of limits, if so, I take my attemts to try, as a blessing, making NO LIMMITS.
You and I know I have manny limmits.
Every prayer of mine is a new comandmen from me for YOU.
Sorry, I stay happy as a failour, also not being able to bring my work in these- and in yesterdays season.
And thank YOU for my day to day.
I considder it as have been luxurious with leaving me behind like a sleaping child, mutch too young and without exsperience to Join Your Elite. Thank you for Your Peace.
My exsperiences are not exatly the same as Julie and Troy shows us.