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Min opfattelse af virkeligheden

(alle datoer)- fra mig. Det er mig velbehageligt og dig til velsignelse."
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14. april
"Glem ikke at mit væsen er Kærlighed. Når jeg renser, er det for at forene jer med mig. Med min Kærligheds fortærende ild bortbrænder jeg alt, hvad der ikke kan forenes med Kærligheden. Og frugten, som frembringes gennem foreningen, er ikke for min egen mund, men for deres, som jeg længes efter at gøre lykkelige - og selv være lykkelig sammen med. Jeg giver liv i overflod!"
April 14 2023 A.M. 9:09
I woke up after a fine sleep, have been up some times, thinking: Oh Lord: What di you have for me to day, as Julie And Troy think, and say or ask THE LOD GOD ALMIGHTY YOUR REDEMER.
This time, I went through the scenes I have been talking about, with my own mind.
I was In Jerusalem, on Mount Zion, where I have my cave, abouve me, there is a Mill, and close by, there is a huge Lion of metal, two buildings comes next, a hotel and a hostel, where the Free Mason for The Midle East stay, I have been told by a man whose name was Israel.
I saw him last time, sitting with a rood of Ion in His hand acting and looking like an Prophet from old Jerusalem, he lives up North in Israel.
He offered me to go inside the Hotel (of David?), and bought me a soda, and we began to speak for an hour or more, 2 maybe 3 hours.
He has served in the Israilian wars, since he was a child. now and old but strong man.
They still ask him for advice and he give it, and they do, what he is saying.
This man name is Israel, He is well know, and he have prophetic gifts, I brought him My update, from God Almighty. And will do it again now, in this wrighting, on this page:
Lets us go back to my cave, located in this area:
As said: I was there in my dream, in my vision and awake now with my mind, dreaming only minutes before I am sitting here to wright it all down:
Above the Mill and below the Mill there is parkingplaces, as in my dream, there was 5 or 6 cars, half of the were rust trucks like the ones an undertaker use.
For a specifick reason, God gave me something else I should do. Right now.