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Min opfattelse af virkeligheden

(alle datoer)- fra mig. Det er mig velbehageligt og dig til velsignelse."
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5. juli
- Jeg føler mig jaget af uro over alt det, jeg ikke når! -
"Frygt ikke, tro kun. Jeg efterlader jer ikke hjælpeløse, men jeg er jer inderlig nær! Klyng dig til Mig - i dig selv formår du intet!
Vis uro og rastløshed fra dig. Hvad du gør i den tilstand, fører ikke til målet. Af tro skal du drives - og af kærlighed! Bed om det og vis følelser og stemninger bort; de bærer ikke. Jeg alene bærer dig!"
July 5 2023 A.M.9:27 Denmark
"Out of your mind" use be be strong words, I, you, we, they . . .
But I want to ask: "ARE WE OUT OF GODS MIND?"
I AM, again and again.
I want this and that. But what does God want of us?
Whar does Jesus want of us?
Julie Green call it: "Marching orders"
I have a picture (it is two pictures) of her, one as a bird, (= a mini EAGLE), sitting on a face, (= JESUS) drinking wather, together.
Another picture is her again, standing together with Troy Black, (long or short prophetic storry, Jesus and I told about earlier, Jesus came first to tell it).
July 4 2023 AM 6:04 first "Inspiration / Revelation" of "Ambassy of King Jesus" was made on July 1 2023 on "Solhøjgaard" on "Langeland" Klæsøvej 9 5900 Rudkøbing, This was the first Location Jesus made for an Ambassy of Jesus Christ. On June 1 2023. You will find Jesus there. But look for Him in your inner thoughts, and a nurrishment will grow like a seed, from you soul, with living water, holy oil, a relationship with God Your Father and Creator, with Jesus as your personal High Priest and the personal and well known Ambassador in the Kingdom of King Jesus.
This place "Solhøjgaard" was a manifestion of His: "The Kingdom of Jesus Christ!" of what is comming, and what has been started already in this Year of Jubilee 2022-23 a year of restauration. a year of being set FREE

20 20 FREE by God Almighty and Jesus Christ
July 4 2023 AM 6:45
Welcome to a worldwide manifestation of "United States of King Jesus" was established and was made ready to use in hours up to July 5 2023 AM 00:00
now it is July 5 2023 A.M. 4:16
Am 8:24 on July 5 2023 in Denmark
Why did it not happend for "ME" YOU may think.
What did YOU do, to make it happend? I may think.

Think back in history.
What did they do, to make it happend.

King Solomon asked God for wisdom! YOU and I know more than he did.
and so on, in old time there was no bible.
(God don't need a bible)
(the whole world, with animals etc. is HIS bible storry, with important YOU in the centre and made for YOU !)