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Min opfattelse af virkeligheden

(alle datoer)- fra mig. Det er mig velbehageligt og dig til velsignelse."
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6. juli
"Træng ind i mit Ord, i mit væsen; søg altid efter mere kendskab til mig gennem læsning, bøn og lydighed. Jeg giver jer hjertets kendskab. Ingen skal forgæves begære at kende mig; med glæde meddeler jeg mig til den, der søger mig!
Jeres kaldelse og udvælgelse stadfæstes gennem kendskab til mit Ord. Træng ind gennem Ordet til mig! Husk, at det er ikke blot sagt engang, men når det læses af trang og under bøn, siges det til den, der læser det!
Søg ikke kundskab, men kendskab. Og jeg skal svare jer i jeres hjerter."
July 6 2023 A.M. 2:42 Denmark
Let me talk about these pictures:
ONE HORN, (like a unicorn)
A HORN is a stronger boddy part or boddy made and was used as symbol in the temples of old time, 4 HORNS was used, for the 4 corners of the earth.
With two of these animals, there are 4 HORNS, if you notise, (and not just one, as I said before.)

This is sufficient for me to tell, for now.
July 6 2023 A.M. 2:50 Denmark
The second picture is a mini bird, beautifull dressed with collorful feathers.
In Heaven, around the Throne of GOD Almighty and our best friend KING JESUS there are 4 eagles flying around.
An eagle, flow around, in the air, like most birds are able to do.
Fish are svimming around in wather.
Worms live in dust, we are like worms. Hiding ourselves, behind one another, also dust.

Esajas 41:14. frygt ikke, Jakob, du Orm, Israel, du Kryb! Jeg hjælper dig, lyder det fra Herren, din Genløser er Israels Hellige.

By the way: What do God Almighty ask us to do?
Come forward, you are saved.
Have God in mind and soul, Speak with HIM, and follow His advise for you.
July 6 2023 A.M. 3:01 Denmark
I have been following His advise all my life, also the years before I was born again, as a 19 years old boy.
We all do.
Most people, are able to follow their own thoughts.
They are the enemy, and they will all lose their mind. Because OUR Creator did it this way.
The enemy are not able to see, to recieve and understand: what they are looking at.
They saw Jesus was special, but they did not understand.

Their darkness is self made.
They are stoffed in their mind, (= stiffnacked) and will not understand the truth, as we do.
That makes two of us, one who understand and one: who do not want to understand.

Selfmade? Recieve God Almighty and let Jesus be in your thoughts,
if not? There will be no light inside your mind and in your thoughts
(= Jesus is the LIGHT) even a child should be able to understand this.

If you want it all?
Stay with HIM.
If you want it all?
Follow His Words for you.
Ther is a new season every day, every hour, every moment.
And THEN: Welcome to eternity, made by God Almighty, YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER
July 6 2023 A.M. 8:39 Denmark
Word of wisdom this morning; Cassa Nova
What? I said! I know this man, already, I see no reason to find out: What YOU say to me.
But NOW some hours later I understand the other meaning: Cassa is Castel, Home, Mansion, or boddy renewed
a New Boddy.
That is great, Thank You Lord.
A.M. 11:07 Well, I had to admid, I have been a playboy, all my life, trying to impress the girls.
In church I was dansing every week, if it was possible.
Before a few years in church, by the mormons, I was dansing every week,
and my whole life I have been dansing, trying to get time with the most beautiful girl on the dancefloor.

It came so far: That the ball room became my church.
I could say hej to my many girlfriends, as some do in the church,
I could talk, to lonely people, because of death.
And tell them about life ever after.
I always had an empty seat at my side, for God Almighty to join me.
The whole night we were together.
Every day all my life, we have been talking with each other, even before I was baptised.
I realised it was Jesus, who followed me, all the time,
when God showed a girl, how Jesus was dressed up, entering their Dancefloor in Heaven.
(she shared her vision on youtube).
I understand that we are many, who don't understand happyness and joy for ever lasting.
And now, suddently, God Almighty want more of me. (and of you and you.)
More holyness!
Don't miss heaven, as Percy Collett once said.
He, (= Percy) also said: If you not can dance, you will not be able to enter Heaven!
My recommandation is: Try 10 girls, and go back to the one you feel comfortable with.
I had tryed 10 churches (maybe 10) and has been unable to go back to anny one of them.
But now I have found a group of people, who will guide you, together with Jesus, who guide us.
In a perspective of eternity, this is the church, Jesus always talked about.
When He says: The old church leaders has been warned, and could walk with Jesus, if they would.
But they had an Aron, with sons, friends like Moses had.
The sons of Aron went to hell, and bouth Moses and Aron was unable to enter the prommished land.
Even Adam had a compangnion, who lead Him away from God.
This is a problem, stay with God, and you will forever stand.
Jesus did that. And He will forever be together with you.
July 6 2023 P.M. 14:27 Denmark
Word of Wisdom: "enable"
Make it possible, I will say.
And this time: "I should say this word"
Thank You Lord Jesus.
You just put Your word in my thoughts, YOUR word or is it MY word.

To encourage YOU. This time, I can see. (= tilskynde, opmuntre)