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Min opfattelse af virkeligheden

(alle datoer)- fra mig. Det er mig velbehageligt og dig til velsignelse."
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15. juli
- 'Thi alt det, som er født af Gud, sejrer over verden. . . ' (l. Johs. 5:4).
- Herre, lev dit liv i os og igennem os, så du bliver hele livet for os - og vi ikke har noget uden for dig.
* "Vil I nøjes med det? Er jeg alene nok for jer? Jeg længes efter at være det.
Rens dit hjerte gennem bøn og tak, og det skal gives dig. Mit liv, som er født i jer, skal brede sig og fylde jer til overflod. For den, som beder, han får, og han skal få mere, end han beder om!"
July 15 2023 A.M. 5:00
I Had to be Careful, of what I am saying.
Remember, I has been living this life all my time. (= 50 or 72 years)
I have a special life together with Jesus, and you will have a special life with Jesus. Because of OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN, (and in our thoughts).
what about Thursday?
When Jesus came from Galalie, Nazareth, the northen part of Israel and walked to Jerusalem, they had to walk more than 140 Kilometre, (= almost 100 Miles).
For this reason "The Last Suppor" was prepared and ready for the guests, of Familie, disciples and friends, all special invited by The Holy Spirit and by Jesus.
To a familyreunion!
to a FAMILYHOMEEVENING, like the one held by the Mormons on every Monday.
This every Thursday, is like every Frieday is for the Jews.
That is all for now, about Thursday.
July 15 2023 A.M. 5:21
The 2 dayes of darkness, clearly spoken of by Padre Pio. (LINK to that)
Let me explain it with my use of words:
Everyone, who is following the gospel of Jesus Christ, (= God Almighty Your Redemer) Will be guided by The Holy Spirit.
We all love OUR Heavenly Father.
The reason for this: 3 days of darkness, (Jonah the Prophet, Jesus had it also)
is: To be saved. Is to get life eternal. Is to tune on to the Holy Spirit, to the Light, to the Holy fire, to be Holy.

Before these days of mine, I have to day, I used 3 dayes of rest, sleaping most of the time. and weeks or some moths later I am, where I want to be.
after more than 50 years, I am learning the benefits of bringing my life in order, I have time to be Holy, and to go for more Holyness.
Not 40 dayes every time, (I have never tryed that, and have no desire for trying it.)

But I can tell everyone about: What I have found out, on this specifick subject:
"Stay home, alone, in 3 dayes, with what you have, and seek God OUR Heavenly Father, "in your thoughts"
Your thoughts, is your secret chamber, good enough for God, your Creator.
God used true prophets, all time again and again, to talk about that, I call it with all migh, with our mind and soul.
I say: With all you have.
(= with all what you have: In your thoghts) This is spiritual.
Where do you chose to be, and spend your time with What?

I had to go resting, I am tired.

July 15 2023 P.M. 15:36
I give up, on this project.
Now, after I have distracted my self, several times.