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Min opfattelse af virkeligheden

(alle datoer)- fra mig. Det er mig velbehageligt og dig til velsignelse."
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28. juli
- Det er, som om jeg står ved en høj mur; vejen jeg er gået ad, er ikke længere! "Bed! For mere end nogen sinde gælder det om at sætte dit håb til MIG.
Når din vej er til ende, begynder min!
Din vej til mig skal afløses af min vej med dig!"
A.M. 06:15 July 28 2023 Gods plan for me, is to bring something from the preparations to ihe last supper. (I can see it for me)
Another plan for me was to ad arrows below, pointing back to previous homepage, (and forvard.)
My plans are finding a nice girl to follow me, clean something in the house, make HHO projects to work, find a place in my car, where I can walk around.

Gold crossed my mind, this morning and has been in my mind several times lately. Someone said something on that made my think this way.
But I have been there, and I would not take it, I dont care for gold, and for what I could buy for it. It is just a special metal, without rust. I have had rings in gold with a diamond, but I destroyet one of them, (even with a hammer, because her love for me was not everlasting) and gave some of them back to the girlfriend I was together with in marriage or what.
I also got a goldplated watch, and a gold watch, but I sold that gold, to a dealer, who gave me the same amounth of money as my father gave for the omega watch some years before he gave it to me.
No, gold is not what I want.
I had a friend once, who got all the gold from south africa, in a box, and who cares, he could not use it, and to day he has disapeared, I wonder where he is?

We use to talk every morning maybe 80 times a year, for a time of several years.
He was something, and I could feel myself as somethind in his pressent.
I dont have his name, I cant remember, we never used names, when we talk.
But he is in my prayers, sometimes.

My precious is OUR Heavenly Father.
(P.M. 13:10 make protones says the lord to me, ( and I know how to make them, I must ad to His coment) ) by the way, this is a day where Troy Black talks about The House of Lords in England
And I make His Kingdom jesus OFFICIAL NOW we may use my home adress to a beginning.
P.M. 14:53 Web is a problem. I had not recieved a message from Julie Green and Troy Black, that confirms that they want to join "this official nivau / level" as well as I do. But my web is official accepted by The Lord Jesus. And so it be.
16:35 I do not need their aprovial, says OUR Lord Jesus
A.M. 9:10 July 28 2023 efter et par timer i garagen, for at lave brint til bilen, gjorde jeg mig tanker omkring 150 x 500 konvolutter jeg for nyligt købte for 1000 kroner.
De kommer ud tænker jeg, på genbrugspladsen eller i røde kors eller en anden butikskæde.
Jeg kan ikke komme i gang med at bruge dem, og jeg følte at sælger snød mig for minst 100 kasser mere, hun fortalte at der var 150 kasser, og at "DE" kostede 1000 kroner hvis jeg ville have dem.
Jeg sagde og troede at jeg kunne købe dem alle for 1000 kroner.
Ved at blande 150 kasser ind, som hun troede der var og som hun ville sælge for 1000 så fubbede hun mig, og jeg ville køre dem tilbage til hende med det samme.

Men hvis Jesus skulle tænke som jeg gør det nu, så ville Hans fremtid hurtigt skulle afsluttes.
Jeg og vi leverer ofte kun mindre til Ham i bytte for livet, som Han giver os frit.

Ps! da jeg talte dem i bilen, regnede jeg med at der var 144 kasser, med 500 konvolutter i hver kasse, det blev, kunne jeg regne ud: Det halve af 14.000 som er et tal i bibelen, og hvis det er mænd og kvinder, så kunne jeg skrive et brev til alle 144.000 par. sådan.

Kl 9:27 jeg egner mig simpelt hen ikke til det her, jeg går mere op i spændingen ved alle ting, end noget andet. Jeg ser mig som troløs og troløs, med små bogstaver. ok.

Og når jeg ser en af mine piger danse med en, bliver jeg sur på mig selv, (
Jeg har danset med 1000 andre end hende, og har været glad for hver eneste oplevelse der har været) men jeg er sur på den gerning jeg vælger, eller har valgt. ØV Jan, du ved ikke hvad du gør, eller hvorfor du gør som du gør.
P.M. 14:55 July 28 2023 After a visit by one I thought I should never visit again, I was told about two dreams she once had.
# 1 When walking out to a mountain with a church door, and surrounded with water, on thre sides she saw the church door open up and countless people came walking out through the door saying "hey to her" in an intense way, when passing her, they all went out in the empty paradisic land from where she came. earli in the same dream she saw that land, without people but it was like Paradise or Eden.

If you want to stay, then take the sacrifice Jesus has made on this Friday, in His last week of seven days.
Take His offer seriously. And you will stay a live, when the prehistoric people come home to their houses and their farms.

Josef was special, he had dreams like the one I share with you, this day.

# 2 Next storry to share is about Denmark, and what will come to pass one day.
3 persons will be invited to Folketinget in Copenhagen! (= The Danish Parliament)
A huge croud of people will be there, seing it.
She did not know the 2 other persons, at the time she had this vision or dream.
Friday July 28 2023 P.M. 23:11
Before John and Marry, Jesus mother and several others went to bed, they had arranged with Pilatus or Herrod to be able to take the boddy of Jesus down from the cross, to berrie it nearby (in the garden, Gordons Golgatah).
They was not able to get all the precious herbs they wanted for their Lord, and now they had to wait until Suday, when they were able to return and do the burrial of the boddy of Jesus right as they wanted.
The famous soldier should tjeck if Jesus was realy dead, and piersed The heart of Jesus with his spear. The blod of Jesus felt on him doing this, and he got saved at that moment.
The tomb was guarded, because of rumors, that this was the Son of God, etc.
They even locked the stone to the clief with an iron nail and a locker, but it was broken without problems.
When Marry walked up and down through the gate into Jerusalem, by that night, she did not realise it was locked, for her it was open, and she was able to walk trough as she had intended to do. etc I do not remember all the details. as told by AK Emmerick you may find her book on my frontpage.

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ðìëø gossip n. Skip 2 Ezra Ch 10 V 12 Letter 30 Ezra Ch 10 V 12 Letter 36
ìëøì gossip v. Skip 9 Ezra Ch 10 V 12 Letter 7 Ezra Ch 10 V 12 Letter 34
ðìëø gossiper n. Skip 2 Ezra Ch 10 V 12 Letter 30 Ezra Ch 10 V 12 Letter 36

ìåãâ ìå÷ åøîàéå ìä÷ä¯ìë åðòéå
:úåùòì åðéìò êéøáãë ïë

Ezra 10:12 Then all the congregation answered and said with a loud voice: 'As thou hast said, so it is for us to do.

Gossip can translates with bla. bla. bla or smaltalk
ðãòðâë paradisiacally adv. Skip 78577 Ezekiel Ch 11 V 15 Letter 34 1 Chronicles Ch 23 V 32 Letter 44
åôùúáàë 20 Av 786 = 3 August 2026 Skip 39291 Jeremiah Ch 23 V 6 Letter 23 Psalms Ch 96 V 9 Letter 10