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Min opfattelse af virkeligheden

(alle datoer)- fra mig. Det er mig velbehageligt og dig til velsignelse."
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22. januar
- Jesus, vi er ikke skikkede til en gerning for dig. Vi må opgive, indtil (og hvis) du gør os skikkede. - Blot vi må være skikkede til Himmelen - bare lige til at komme ind!
"Men det er det samme - at være skikket til Himmelen og til en gerning!"
- Ja, så er vi heller ikke skikkede til Himmelen.
"Jo, på grund af MIG!
Jeg døde for at leve i dig!"
January 23 2024 Am 3:18 From January 18 2024
My prayer this morning, (several dayes later than this page is written):
Ending with a word of wisdom: "Rasmussen" and followed with my word of stupidity: I don't know anny person of this name, well: there were some old Primeministeres. and then at last: OH YES Lars Løkke is also a Rasmussen.
but my OWN prayer / thoughts / conversation lasted for 24 minutes.
Again and again I repeatedly ask God for help to solve my problems.
And every time God My Father said: OK, Then I believe we are done?
Thank you my friend, and good by!
And I was left alone again, with my self and my problems.
Then I turned back again to God, saying: God / Dad you are missing, let us do this prayer / conversation again.
What do you want of ME HE Answered
Blah blah blah I said:
OK Peace be with you and good luck.
And then I was left alone, still ready to go to sleep.
And turned back again:
God something is missing, I CAN'T DO ANY WORK, I prefere to sleep.
If so or then: I will do nothing, but ask for a new conversation with you God MY Creator.
Saying: You gave Me a bible verse yesterday (or day before) Saying Your Son of Man went to your Your Throne, / or Jesus went to your Throne.
If I shall follow Jesus, I am comming at your Throne now. NOW
(Bi location)
You and Jesus are in my room, and with Your Holy Spirit.
With your Thoughts with your Light telling You that I am worth nothing for you.
Last time, no but some dayes ago you ask me to remember Jesus is the "Healer" You are the "healer" and the Holy Spirit is "The Healer"
Now Heal me, please? !
and I will go back to bed, and pray for strength, that I can do the work, I want to performe.
Pm 18:48-18:51 January 22 2024
I saw a text abour King Richard Lianheart the first maybe years around 1200
He was fighting in France, and want more land for fun.
A small castle has got his atension, and he was told there was gold and treashures in the cellar.
He was also told this area was safe. With the result: That he was able to walk around without heavey amour.
A young lad (knægt maybe 17) was seing him and was at the same time ordered to proteck the castle, and with a crossbow he hurt the king in his (left?) shoulder. 10 dayes later the wound was killing the King, and he asked his friends to bring the boy to his bed. Where he forgave the child. Beofre dying.
But the child was later ribbed for his skinn and killed by the friends of King Richard.
In the same text Lionheart once had said: If there was a rich man, who could London, He would sell it, He did not like to go home to Britain. His time in Frace was mutch better. (They had one area, and they want to fight for more.
And as I understand: His life was not what He want.)
Jeanne d'Arc later told the British: "To GO HOME" or their blod would be soaked up in the France soil.

The exat same can be said to day:
Stop YOUR fight, GO HOME
Or your soul will go to Hell.

Remember: Tre real Richard, did not want to go Home and honor Robin Hood, He had a funn life like the Three Musketeers.

His heart has been discovered lately, and show no signs of the use of arseniq or any metal in the dust from his heart.
But his wound, from the arrow, was able to kill him.

Walking around in the area, as a lad, newer being able to buy a crossbow, the most expensive hand held weapon in that time, tells me the murder was aranged. And because the Lad could tell the truth, about how he could be able to protect his castle etc. He was kept in prison, and then killed. After the king died.
Richards boddy was separated i 3 different parts, His Heart was found, in a box of lead, in France, where he was killed.
His boddy came to England and I forgot the rest, maybe it was his head. A well known organisation are colecting skulls for a specifick reason, like treatening the new Kings, to be their puppets. But their time run out long ago. In my timeline It was the years before 1950.
I have been trying to find the detailes, all day, but was unable to find this and the simpson prediction, for 2024, Trump will be elected to be president, but Time is going faster than the old men are able to follow.
Trump has already been president. And are now running for a new election.
As God told: The dayes are shorten, (with 10 years).
Before they can sell their final level of medicine to cure, (radioaktiv) God has changed everything.
Stop fighting against GOD Almighty. Go Home!

Now I got the Simpsons predictions for 2024:
Simsons wife Marge becomming president after Trump
The wrighter of Simpsons is called Al Jean 0:35 in the movie.
Al is "The Computer" they are giving all their power to.
But "they" are kings and presidents, politicians and elite, in police, hospitals, art and entertaiment, wrighters and journalists, in fake News media.
Predictions from Al in Simpson
Daniel 7:11. Jeg skuede, og ved Lyden af de store ord, som hornet talte. Jeg skuede, indtil Dyret blev dræbt og dets Krop tilintetgjort, og det blev kastet i Ilden og brændt.
12. Også de andre dyr fratog man deres Magt, og deres Levetid fastsattes til Tid og Stund.
13. Jeg skuede videre i nattesynerne: Og se, med Himlens Skyer kom en, der så ud som en menneskesøn. Han kom hen til den gamle at Dage og førtes frem for ham;
14. og Magt og Ære og Herredom gaves ham, og alle folk, Stammer og Tungemål skal tjene ham; hans Magt er en evig Magt, aldrig går den til Grunde, hans Rige kan ikke forgå.
20:21 Pm January 22 2024 by the way:
There are lot of human beings, (=people) who do not have your names in the Book of Life!!!
Now it is your last chance: Ask Jesus to Pray for you.
Let HIS blood cover you, as it did when a Roman Soldier was asked to check out, If Jesus was dead.
Let His Red spiritual blod cover your spiritual and everlasting soul, like the sun cover the earth with red, both morning and in the evening.
Jesus did this for all human souls.
Don't believe you can do it yourself.
Jesus has been apointed to be the one and only. The truth and the way or the gate to Heaven, or the Man you shall ask in to your mind and soul. Together with the Comforter, You will be safed. And you will get your name in the book of life.
Judgment is already on earth.
Get yourself out from the Darkness, like Noah and later like Abraham and his people in Egypt, guided by Moses, from Ghosen to the prommished land of Israel. or to the United States of King Jesus.
Stay alive, don't fight against God Almighty. Be ONE with HIM. Be one of US.
22:42 Pm January 17 2024
word of wisdom: "Remitties" (probably from:
# 1 remit = (forgive sins) tilgive synd;
# 2 (cansel) eftergive, (cansel taxes or punnishment)
# 3a (let slacken) = slække på (Ex one's care)
(remit one's anger) = formildes;
(remit one's efforts) sløje af
# 3b (abate) aftage (Ex his energy never remits)
# 4 (submit, refer) = henvise
# 5 (send back) sende tilbage (Ex he was remit to his liberty) han blev atter sat i frihed
# 6 (jur = juridical legal = juridisk) hjemvise, sende tilbage til underinstans (= return to (Ex the police) if there is a another law, that they did not use, in denmark and in the new testament, there were two Laws, the Romen (= European Union) law and the local law. Saint Paul used that dilemma many time (He was a former police officer). (PS! I had never seen that mentioned before - Jesus just told me)
# 7 (Put off) udsætte
# 8a (send or pay money) sende, tilstille, remittere, remit a balance (or: account) udligne et mellemværende [ved remisse]
#8b (pay) betale
# 9 remittere
"to be continued"
remittal . . .
remittance . . .
remittent . . .
remitter . . .
and my new word: "Remitties" (offerings to God our Father and to Jesus)

If you have made a fortune, like Abraham did, when he concured the enimy of his brother Lot, Abraham payes tithe to Melchesidek (who is son of Adam and Eve, the first human, who sacrified himself for making peace, with his brother, who then became / become the priest, who sacrifice the lamb, the bull, the dow, Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit)
But Moses said to Aron: God is the bull (the alef)
Yes and then Aron gave order to create the golden calf, by a mistake.
He, Aron was not followind the spiret, like the 70 men later did, when the Spirit of God felt upon them. (Repeated at pentacost, and in the days we are in right now.) (= a spirit of truth saying: "You must be honest" it happens for the President of America, some times, for this reason: "He will stand" but the liars around him will fall, because of the truth in their minds, who set you and President Biden free.) first step, done. 6 more steps to come. acording to the first 3 chapters in Revelation (Chapter 2 and chapter 3).
Pm 1:02 2024 January 18
# 1 claim they are . . . but they are not. (Jacob decieved his father Isak with a hairy mantle)

# 2 10 dayes = one for each finger, one day last a second or years. We all have more than one problem Jesus has to deal with. Let Him do His work, cleansing you, one step at a time. (= in 10 seconds or in 10 years or any time, in hell the time may be 1000 of years)
To this step, you are an eternal being, there will be no tribulation for you, when you give your self time, and waiting for Jesus to become your friend more and even more.
Julie and I and most christians, has come to this level, because of the Bible and nature, the nature is Gods private Bible, He can use the nature as living words, in real time, God just gave the Bible to the people, who can read.
For we who can read: We get the words in the Bible in real time, for our use.

# 3 you now know the truth, and how to use it? (Your new name is Jesus inside you, you are eternal, and there are no tribulation for Gods Friends. [This is new, and not seen before])
now back to # 3
In Aalborg and in many cities in Denmark, run by the Danish Free Masons, they have posters of a Sex exhibition in Randers (= a small town 50 kilometre away).
They are following Bileam. BUT GOD KNOW BETTER!

# 4 Aron was faithful and standing ready to hear the profeties, the revelations brought from God through Moses.
But like Jesabel, he thought he had the right to speak as a prophet, like his brother Moses did. the sons of Aron believed the same, they were killed, and Aron died before entering The Prommished Land. as well of Moses, who also died, because he was following his brother "the counseller" who made Moses not to belive God would bring wather out of the Splitrock.
Aron acted like Jesabel, in a small way, but to mutch for Moses to stand against.

# 5 Revelation 3:1-6
# 6 Revelation 3:7-13
# 7 Revelation 3:14-21 Julie Green / minihabil just talked about this step yesterday.
Happy happy happy. Congratulation.
In front of Jesus and Our Holy Father there are right and left, in between there is the river of Life.
To the Right side, are all the Mansion, and the the house, where people eat together with Jesus, from everywere you can see Jesus.

On the left side, people from all over the creation of God, comes to and go trough one of the 12 gates in to Heavenly Jerusalem.
Inside are the 7 seats of mercy, they and you can sit on (for free) to be able to feel and recive all the seven spirits. (actually you had already recieved the seven spirits, when you passed the candllight.
From the eyes of Christ the light comes out, that light up the world God our Father had given Him.
The light is the first step.

Those who can't enter! need more time to learn to forgive others and most of all: To forgive themselves. - - - by help from Jesus. God NEVER stop being able to forgive and forget. But Don't miss Heaven, as Percy Collett said.
There is no longer a reason for you to stay outside, when all your true friends are inside, and try to invite you to follow them to go inside.
But the enimy of God will never be able to enter, if they will not change and step up to step one. And stop being a liar and stop decieving people, as Bileam did, when he tried to decieve God.

I have a map of heven, made by Percy Collett.

Why are there 7 steps?
They are the seven streams, God desided to make, in stead of one stream.
Easy to cross, as it was easy to cross The Reed Sea.
ONE CROSS OVER, as it are going to be for Gods Friends.
ONE LIGHT and you or they got: "all inclusive". (Jesus gave me that word)
at am 2:16
Now having a break.

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