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Min opfattelse af virkeligheden

(alle datoer)- fra mig. Det er mig velbehageligt og dig til velsignelse."
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5. februar
"Ved du, at mismod er det første trin nedad til mistro? Ved du, at det er en synd, som du må sige nej til - som til al anden synd: utugt, urenhed, løsagtighed, afgudsdyrkelse, trolddom, fjendskaber, kiv, hidsighed, egennytte, splittelser, partier, misundelse, drukkenskab, svir og deslige.. ..(Galaterbrevet 5:19-21 )"
AM 6:56 February 13 2024
A word of wisdom this morning, given some hours ago
was in a line, something like this
"Your Salvation is / will be delicious" "Go for it"
(in Danish = delikat, herlig, liflig, lækker)

AND a line in the scribture of to morrow, (made some dayes ago), was given to me by Our Heavenly Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit to follow thiese words of wisdom, this Line of wisdom. (given above, with delicious in it.)

Isaiah 10:19 And the rest of the trees of his forest shall be few, that a child may write them.

Wav, it is almost like Julie Green (Mini Habil), and Troy Black and Alwyn Uys
Maybe I can fly around on the Internet again, as I use to do, in my younger dayes. like an eagle, bringing The words of God to HIS CHILDREN as it just happend for YOU.
Salvation is for YOU, one by one.
And it will be delicious for YOU <3 <3 <3 given with ALL THEIR HARTS.
Am 9:19 2024 february 5
Changes has been made by the Lord Our Redeemer: God the Father, together with The Holy Spirit Jesus and I
ONE FAITH Together with YOU

Last subject in my Mind:
In the dayes of having Bill Clinton as president, there was made houses for normal people to be able to buy:
But the treadors made it imporsible for the new houseowners to stay as owners,
because they has made a raising interest for the owners, that force them out of their houses after a few years.
Something similar has been brought to Denmark by me.
The new rules, I brought to the world was floating rate for private people
being able to shift between new and old bonds.
It went crazy in Denmark.
For some years now, you could get money from the bank, if you chose their bonds.
Or if you gave them the loan belonging to your house.
Because our Primeminister now forring minister are selling these loans to Deutche Bank, who print EUROES.
What is 500 EURO?
A piece of paper. worth 500 US $ more or less.
If anything goes wrong, you go to your bank and withdraw all your money you have
and ALL you will get and can go home with these pieces of paper, saying EURO.

In other words: They get your hous, your farmland, and you get their paper.

To day it has turned even worse because of digital money.
These new money disapears, after the game.

Sorry they says, their maincomputer has been hacked, they say,
but they dont tell you if they themselves are or has been hacking your acount.

End of this storry to day.
Josef did the same in Egypt.
And made all land to be owned by the Farao.
PM 16:39 February 8 2024
Don't worry, God Your Creator and REAL FATHER cares for you,
for this reason Jesus (and even Adam) was a part of your life,
from before you were born with your boddy of flesh.
It is not because we have a boddy made of dust. But it is our spiritual boddy,
our soul, and OUR return to God our Creator, as the lost son, Jesus became OUR sacrifice.
But God your heavenly father did it: IN HIS MIND. With His spoken words.
There is money enough for the restoration of the world.
Dont worry, come to "us", to the "United State" with "Jesus as Our King"
AM 10:00 February 5 2024
Before "last subject above" another subject was on my mind:
Glutamine is also called the third spice
MSG look it up
It is legal to ad up to 99 % chemical Mono Sodium Glutamate, and it is pure poison coming from all your food.
It is killing your babys brain, it is preventing your own and naturely insulin to work normal etc.
Ask "The Nerve Doctors" My source and I saw it on youtube yesterday.

Marching order:
Go to FDA and ask them to change the law.
Screenshots From My "source"
Pm 19:38 February 11 2024
How I will describe MSG
It is a chemical or "THE chemical" used by in the industry to improve sales.
It makes everything taste 7 times better or stronger than food without it.
Let me explain this:
AM 4:30 February 12 2024
(Monday) (I was unable to find "the words" during this weekend)
Our food, is made of different molecules, salt from different "sea waters"
from rock like the brown Himalaya rock salt,

there is grape or wine even cognac with the same sorts of tasteful oils / tasty essential oils
For this reason I had to ad more to the explanation, given in my source:
AM 4:44
OUR test organs, test or taste Organs
on the surface of Our tonge transmit frequncyes
Our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ ask Us to use this word more
and when it is nessesary, as I find it in this describtion.
Like a mobile phone, transmitting words or pictures
So do our nerves transmit signals in our boddy.
ONE Cell could be a transmitter line from our tongue to our brain.
Making us able with words or with pictures,
to describe how excelent the food, wine or the taste is.
But MSG make a shortcut in the process

There are MSG in our natural food,
without or only with litle taste itself is full of MSG
when it: the NATURAL GLUTAMINE from mushrooms is in our boddy,
(it transmite the frequecyes in our food) and then disapears
It disapears faster, when taking a piece of bread and a glass of whater.
for this reason a burgers and most streetfood, is wrapped in bread.
Bread bring out abillity to taste back to zero, and the exsplotion of
A NEW TASTE is open for our taste senses to transmite a new frequencyes to y/our brain

But after MSG was made for the first time in 1908 by Kikumae Ikeda
who called it UMAMI
the food industry changed.

Adding UMAMI

about frequency
I will go back to my source for this subject

The FDA does not require manufactures to label foods containing MSG
unless the "added ingredient" is more than 99% pure MSG.
and this is the PROBLEM
we had to change,
because WE had to change the world

in my source there are many detailes I should bring now
Let me bring some of these detailes.
When the industry IMPROVE taste, they are cheating on you
Meat, Poultry, Fish, Eggs, Dairy products, Seaweeds and Mushrooms
if these food resources is IMPROVED it has been done with MSG.
up to 99% or up to 100 times more MSG. is legal to use.
IT is more
than using natural GLUTAMINE

natural GLUTAMINE is if you want to know: "L-GLUTAMINE"
Synthetic, Artificial or Makes up MSG (= make it up for MSG)
It is pure poison for OUR Neurotransmitters. (= boddy antenners)
bringing 7 times higher signals to our Brain.
10 times more poisones for babies.
if you chemists on "NESTLE" did not already know.

My source goes on with mutch more, but I will stop for now.
AM 5:59 February 12 2024 this has been made / or done for JESUS to US
PM 22:09 February 12 2024
I had to say something about cancer.
Something I found out years ago. Thanks to Jesus my boss
suger is made of Carbon and Oxygen = CO2 and more.
like a pair of hands (in Greek = chiral)
there is two equal suger atoms, but one is a mirrow of the other.
d and l is used and
to day they use + and -
right and left has been used, because of polarised light goes right or left,
and some times left or right
All these details are not important.

THE SUGER (left or right) is USED TO COPY CELLS,
BURNED GIVING HEAT and being able to move.
BUT the good suger is for CONSTRUCTION OF NEW CELLS.
Having suger from nature is the right suger.
having white industry made suger is not healty.
Without the right orientasion (left or right), white suger is food
for cancer cells and make cancer able to grow.

"Human made" vaccine is giving wrong signals to our boddy,
saying "everything is okay"
and people, who don't care, will die verry easily and sometimes fast of cancer.

But people, who realise there are something wrong with their boddy,
listen to warnings and start eating fruit and vegetables and honey,
even meet are healty food, when we speek of a cure for cancer.
Salt, we need salt. (The fake storry saying Sodium is unhealty,
is fake fake, salt is sodiumcloride, Sodium is a metal, the metal is not healty YES,
but as sodiumcloride, we need it, in the proces of creating new cells)
a Danish professor Skov got his Nobell Price avard together with another one,
saying: We need salt.
when the cell, and every cells has an membran, in cell membran, are cell pumps,
one side with ++ and the other side with +++
this litle difference makes the cell pump
sodium and potassium one with ++ and one with +++
amino acid are also used in this proces. long storry I wrought about it years ago.
On this very same homepage.
PM 16:53 february 8 2024
The American firm Monsanto had since 1974 made the active stof: glyphosat
It kills half of the healty bacteries WE NEED, in our stomach.
long storry, if I should explain everything.
But the Tower of Eifel in Paris is sponsored by making and selling glyphosat.
(and This is not a misstake).
Am 11:06 February 5 2024
Be one of the new or old EAGLES of the LORD
Send a prayer, to the Lord
Send an e-mail to FDA
Send a letter to FDA
Tell about it: To anyone. BE A MESSANGER
Be an apostle, but tell the truth, don't copy: the people, who call themself apostles but are liars.
you can find 12 such liars in the Church of Mormon.
Their High
counsel together with their fake prophet and his two counsellors.
They had been a "SIGN of the Lord" To make me happy,
when confronting them with the truth:
and "They had rejected the truth I was able to bring them,
because God Our Father asked me to do so, together with Jesus Christ within me" since January 1975.
I became a child of The Holy Spirit in 1970 like Jesus,
when HE was Baptised by John and He was confirmed from heaven to be:
"MY Belowed Son by the dow = By The Holy Spirit".
(= it is Mother to Light and Mother to all creation together with God Our Father.)
The Holy Spirit and God know everything about one another and they together got a SON, Our Jesus.
No One can say Jesus, (There are multiple ways to spell it,)
And no one can say Father (there are multipli wayes to spell it)
Ans no one can say Mother (There are multiple ways to spell it)
THEY all know: your language
THEY all know: what there is in or on your MIND
Like unborn children, or like newborn children, THEY KNOW: WHAT YOU NEED.
And YOU are created by YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER.

After some years of preparing my self, by reading etc.
I went to my waters, and asked God to take me to Heaven, home to His Heavenly Made Paradise.
It seems that He has forgotten that part of my intension.
(When I was baptised.)
But on the other hand, I got a friend I could trust in.
Jesus moved in to my tenth, and became a part of me.
That was some thing, I gave everything, and god Jesus to become my best friend. And was able to talk with God Almighty, and having a personal relationship with them and with everyone.
THEY are frinds with everyone.
Jesus said once to Marry His mother: They are MY Family. (I have not the time to come Home yet, tell Marry that, when she asked Him to come home).
Pm 21:16 to facebook
Inspired from Julie Green to day
Why do you use AI?
I have been OK with it, it PUSH things throug, GOD CAN CHOOSE AI as well,
if HE want. Even the devil is used by God, when God choose that.
Gods Justice is even in Hell.

But "AI" is a stupid computerprogram. Artificial Intelligense.
Twisted everything to become lies.
When Julie sayes: "God sayes: "this and that, it will be brought on February 5", it is prerecorded.
AI make it to HEADLINE on that day this will be.
OK, and I says to the Lord your redemer. Let us be ready.
And thanks to AI I have been awake, and done things on the Internet, that fulfil the words of AI,
But for you Facebook, DROP AI, dont use it any more.
it decieve, disstract and destroy people - your customers.

(February 7 2024 AM 11:37 Facebook, has changed, I can see.
My words about AI on facebook, came to late.) Facebook has already gone from AI

But why can I not have just one profile on facebook?
I still have 2 different profiles miljanwind and miljanwind
When I try to make them to ONE profile, your answer is: My telephone nummer is used by another person!! Yes me.

Your connection / dependence with Google is also to mutch for normal people like me.

But AI is a disaster for you or for any one to use. DROP IT.
February 7 2024 AM 11:43 Troy Black has been talking about an earthslide. on February 5 2024
there is more to ad to His prophesy.
There is a reason for the ground to slide, "on a Richterscale 5,3?" "5,6 some years ago"
In that state, "Red people" state, or "the narative had lived there, since they came" state / area

They found out: That They could pump waist wather down in the sandy underground, and by doing that,
they could pump more oil up.

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