"Oh Lord, help me, let me find you!"
Pray for me Jesus, be my priest.
"no tribulations, for My bride!"

Psalms 50:15 And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.
Salme 50:15. Og kald på mig på Nødens dag; jeg vil udfri dig, og du skal ære mig.

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Min opfattelse af virkeligheden med forbehold

February 2 2019 A,M, 7:04 Azazl the goat mentioned in Leviticus 16:26 has a special name, I'll talk about.
Alef is the first letter in the name and in the Hebrew alphabet.
It is a man trying to be like God.
It contains 2 yod and a wav letter.
A new yod being a copy of the creator, the Heavenly Yod. (= God)

Both Alef, both goats in Leviticus 16 are to be saved.
One goes to God, at once by being sacrificed in the Temple or on the Temple ground.
The other goat goes to the desert. Leaving Babylon.

Like the Hebrew did, leaving Egypt.
Like John the Baptist, like Jesus, (for 40 days) like Elijah. Even King Nebukadnezer went 7 years in to the wilderness, and was reinstalled as King.
When Hagar was thrown out by the words of her mistress Sarah, God blessed her and ask her to go back to Sarah, as she did. Her child became a great people, called the Arabs. Because want to bless her and her children, after a promised given to Abraham.

And they got a Hebrew letter "L" added to their name: and become Azl or AZL
This is the meaning of the name:
Alef is a person like Jesus, they or we want to be like God, our father and our creator. Become like Yod
Z has a meaning of a plow, a sword, = real deep ground changes. or big changes, a new life, like it was for Lot and his wife and their two daughters.
But his wife looked back, not being ready to leave Sodom for real.

Having success you get the "L" as a sign of victory.
L in Hebrew is a staff, The Iron Staff is given in: Revelation 2:26-27

But Revelation 2:26-27 is about the Last Days, the blessings, and most of all to describe what God meant, when He told Daniel about the last kingdom, where the 10 tribes of Israel, are ruling the earth.
There shall be a mix of these holy ones, who have been given power because they love the truth, to be honest, and all the values of God.
They have this staff of Iron, and are able to destroy all the pottery.
Iron and Clay, in a mix.
(alle datoer)- fra mig. Det er mig velbehageligt og dig til velsignelse."
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
16. januar
- Hvem er det, som ustandselig anklager os? Er det vores samvittighed, eller er det djævelen? "Når du mærker anklagen, så sig: 'Hvem du end er, som anklager mig, så har du fuldstændig ret i alt det du anklager mig for.
Men med alt det vender jeg mig til Jesus. Han har tilgivet mig det alt sammen, og Han har lovet at rense os for al vor synd!'
Husk: Sejren er vundet!"

Percy Collett born 1902 died 1998,
5½ days in heaven on 36 Tapes / now CD
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· Vol. 3. More New Testament.
· Vol. 4. Easter Cross; Resurrection
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"Jesus: the Top Stone!"
The great Pyramid, having:
1: the same size as Heavenly Jerusalem,
2: and having the blueprint of all times and
Rutherford died at the age of 80 in 1974
Pyramidology Vol. 1.

"Bill Wiese"
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"the testimonies from Bill Wiese".


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"Mary Katherine Baxter"
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40 days in Hell and in Heaven
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"By that (confidence), you are united in Me; It is for Me a precious, priceless and dearest treasure."

"By this you receive everlasting joy - otherwise, (or in contrary) when you decline it, you will end up in the darkest despair.

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