"Oh Lord, help me,
let me find
our Father!"
Pray for me Jesus, be my priest.
"no tribulations, for My bride!"

Psalms 50:15 And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.
Salme 50:15. Og kald på mig på denne dag; jeg vil udfri dig, og du skal ære mig.

What is rest? For you?
What is joy and rest? For you?
Tell ME (your Father)
In the old days, in the first 6 days or for the past 6000 years of creation, finding one another was joyful.
After My first night, I felt asleap like Adam, and woked up to see my soulmate, the Holy Spirit, she gave light to Me and to you, my child. Together with Her, We created all things.
And one day sin became a problem, together with a third of Ours creation, they left Heaven.
My Son Jesus, Our Belowed Son Jesus, was full of My of Ours Love
This Love changed everything. The souls, Our Chrildren, Our creation want you to return to your Home, to your family.
Jesus was so special, for Me and for His Mother, My Soulmate, Who creater of all things, even light and life.
She said, and still say: Jesus is my belowed son, in whom I am well pleased.
We will do annything for our Belowed Son, in whom we both are well pleased.
It is because He: "Jesus" confirmed Our Love for you, That you may live forever, as My and The Holy Spirits Belowed Children.
If it is OK with you!
Are you ready to rest? With Joy?
I prommished you: Peace and rest and joy and more.
Are you ready to be a part of us? Your family, eternal?
I and we are right, where you are, are you stil ready?
When Jesus was baptised, His Mother The Holy Spirit anounced from the sky: "This is My Son, in whom I am well pleased"!
Are you ready to be His Brother and Sister, or friends or fellow servants?
bound together as a Bride to a Grom?
He got all the faith needed to Please Me and My Soulmate your Parrents.
Lean to us, and let Jesus guide you, until you are born like Jesus in Water as it is in spirit.

October 6 2022 (= Water is for dust. To be a living soul with spirit. = Born again.)