"Oh Lord, help me, let me find you!"
Pray for me Jesus, be my priest.
"no tribulations, for My bride!"

Psalms 50:15 And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.
Salme 50:15. Og kald på mig på Nødens dag; jeg vil udfri dig, og du skal ære mig.

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af Mil Jan Wind Tlf 42 10 1730
https://youto.be/W-OlwZLCzrc TruthMeFree Nathan Wheeler My Testimonials Serie 1 / 10

Min opfattelse af virkeligheden med forbehold

February 21 2019 P.M. 7:25

Frontpage 20190218 A.M.9:37
For Nathan:
I’m not able to work as close, as I thought, the first time. You are doing great.
I’ll join in, when the Lord give me time and words for your group.
You are doing well, you and Alex.

For Trump:
You should take over all the printing of new Dollar Notes.
Put a picture of your self and your family on some of the Notes.
Make them a dime for an old dollar.
This will make a rush to get hands in the new dollars.
February 26 this year 2019 is OK.

But printing Bank Notes should not be a private matter.
I had heard, that the digital money are convertible with paper money, do it as they do in Europe.
Make the dollar convertible with paper money.
Make 100.000 dollar notes, million dollar notes. 10 millions, no problem.
All notes are free of income tax, etc.
But for the State it’s a loan free of interest.
For the state it is 100 tax of all the black money.

To day banks byes and sell to one another, with worthless digital dollars.
By having your own Bank system, printing your own money, you are in charge, you are the Chairman.

All you need is to announce the plan, accepted.
Then pay out the salary, for all the public workers and others, who are facing troubles.
Say: We the President give amnesty to all loans. This means: No one has to pay interest or anything for any loan for the next 5 or 10 years.
Because God made that rule. Every 7 years, everyone is free of all his debts.
In all Christian worlds.
A short cut will be to go on printing US dollars as now, but presidential dollars in the name of the United State, not in the name of some family owned bank or corporative owned bank.
And then start printing the big notes, in order to get all the worthless money out of the system.
You as president may say: In this situation, of a man made crisis, we the President will pay every public worker 3000 dollar a month at the top, and give some years free of charge for loan, any loan. By their own choice.
This will make the American to a free nation, of free people: As God advise us.
It is a Biblical commandment, that every 7 years, all living in spiritual Israel are set free of debts.
Satan and His followers are against the Laws of God.
This is it.

For the Popes.
be of good courage. Anna Katharina Emmerick saw you two together in 1820, She prayed for you.
She is truth worthy. And a lot more have the same HOPE in God and in Jesus as we all have.
God has made it. The days are shorten, even before they have begun, for you it is High Tribulation season, you are right in the centre, where no man want to find himself.
Life was so easy yesterday.
But remember: Tribulation is for those: Who not goes to Heaven, and Judgement day is, when we die, it has been this way, since Jesus said so.
Every one, who die in Christ, are brought to Zion, or Heavenly Jerusalem, by Jesus.
I will not go through scriptures for you or for readers of this epistle.
two or tree things and many more, are running through my head.
You are not forgotten, no one is.
In every beam of spiritual light, God is present, God can’t wait 6 hours for hearing the news, trough the angles.
And hearing from you is good tide for God. It will give Him peace.
He want you to be of good strength, and wait for the blessings to come.
For a short time ago, I was asking God to give more time, that we could be able to do more Gospel Work.
And then suddenly He said: It is all done. Now I’m looking for a new job.
The big earthquake on or from Mount Olive, has been, it was the day: They found the Temple in the City of David, outside the Roman fortress called the Temple Mouth, only fake Jews will stand and cry in the future, along the walls of Anthonia.
The big man, who Daniel became afraid of, was non other but Jesus.
3½ year of missions work, his tomb was sealed with Iron and a stone, and soldiers on watch.
Late Friday to Sunday morning 1½ day, Jesus conquered the world with 3 nails.
how do we say nail in Hebrew?
In Sinai Language? Yes Wav, is the answer.
Does it has a number? Yes, 6 is the answer.
if we want to write 3 nails, how do we do it? Yes: www is the answer.
does 600 and 60 and 6 say: 3 Nails to anyone? NO way.

Maybe you two popes are standing of either side, one from the North and one from the South.
But being the two witness is too late, you may be one of 200 000 000 witnesses.
Because Jesus was the chosen one. And before Him was Elijah.
They both went strait to Heaven, and has been and is able to come back, if God say yes to their request.

The revelations of John, was not written by John the apostle, but by someone, who god asses to holy scripture, he did not understand everything, but he did a fine work.
A real John the Apostle would never skip writing about the man Jesus, he became close friends with. When Real John write He will always bring Jesus present, in a way that we can feel Jesus is present.
This is not the same way John the Revelater use his words, for him is Jesus a man he newer spend time together with.

Front page, 2019-02-19 A.M. 7:03 I’ll call it my day after.

It has been a horrible time to be together with God in these past years.
When I read about Emmerich, and her Journey together with Jesus, she has experienced scenes she could not go trough, at one especially, Child Joseph came and took her out to Bethlehem, where he make her laugh and play and forget all the troubles Jesus went through on the Cross, he himself was unable to live and go trough his Sons Crucifixion, for this reason he died as old man naturally, before Jesus became Christ.

To day, and the past weeks, I have been updated and seen: What has been going on for the past years.
What a travel day by day, hour by hour, I have been through many years of fine men’s work and doings. Now being able to se yesterday, to day and tomorrow.
This is how God do these things.

A.M. 7:35 Now it’s time to reverse everything back to normal:
Making Saturday to Sabbath day.
Bringing back the right way of reading: From right to left
Bringing the Sinai Alphabet in schools, And I believe the 22 letters, will make programming of computers much easier. (with this alphabet children will be able to learn more in one year, than most will never be able to learn. Their way of thinking and to understand, will go sky high, at least 10 times more intelligent.)
Making Jesus to the Head Corner Stone, Chief Stone, There are actually 12 chosen men, apostles among us, and give honour to the prophets.

https://youto.be/_L582bNzj-k a sermon 2½ hour long, by one of the 10.000 American prophets made because one asked God for that blessing, (in and from the 60’ties) you will find this hour 1:37 in this sermon. Ken Peters. Great sermon, this is how, it could be, and it is in Jubilee church / congregation Florida.
To Ken Peters. Maybe you should skip some of you sermon words, and just give Jesus time to tell you: That He Loves You. If you had to start up, getting dressed or be in the right mood, by warming up with Rosary etc, or what ever you call it, Jesus has to wait for you to finish your intension. Remember Jesus Himself was humble. He will never change that part of His personality.

Like a little child, standing at your door step asking: Do you have time Ken: It’ll only take a second?
Can you see the point?
God or in this situation: Jesus does newer need to leave you. He is no longer your guest. You live together. As a couple.

FrontPage 2019-02-20 past tribulation problems

If plan A was used, all evil would be eradicated, = gone by now.
In Plan B God interfered and has made Trump President.

The Pope Francis 1 is a Jesuit and the Jesuits has a history of much evil.

But they might tell it themselves.

It is sad, that China, had to suffer that much. And all the Christians, had to loose their freedom to enjoy God and love Jesus in return for all the Love He shows.
There are huge warehouses in Heaven ready to be given to the people on earth.
But the Jesuits made that difficult, and impossible.
For this reason, there shall be no more Pope on the Planet Earth. No one will call themselves by that title.
A new group of people, praying people will find their way, and change the Catholic Organisation, and the old will be gone, as it has never existed. The two Popes will get new clothes on and a new church will be build, even more beautiful as the old one. (The Dark Ages has gone, is no more. The Babylonian man of Nebukadnezer spoken of by Daniel, are fallen, and will never ever rise again. Because the rock Jesus crushed it to pieces and finally to dust. All this just happened. My dating of event, has been little earlier, as it is seen in the world. My update comes from God. He and I’m close friends, that close, as a couple.)

(alle datoer)- fra mig. Det er mig velbehageligt og dig til velsignelse."
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
21. februar
- Er det virkelig muligt at få noget ud af os - af mig?
"Ja, på grund af MIG."
- Ja, Jesus, men på trods af os? Er det muligt?
"Ja, på trods af jer - men ikke på trods af jeres vilje!
I mig er alt, hvad du behøver - til dig selv og til andre!
Jeg er tilgivelsen. Den, som har mig, har tilgivelsen.
Og den, som har mig, har sejren. I mig har du alt, hvad du behøver!
Vær ikke vantro, men troende. Luk ikke bekymringer ind!
Jeg vil føre jer til mit mål med jeres liv, for jeg elsker jer. Mit liv i jer, det er det, jeg spejder efter - og jeg giver jer det selv!
Mine disciple - det er dem, der har nok i mig, til liv og til tjeneste.
Tomme hænder er, hvad jeg behøver for at fylde, og hvad du behøver for at gribe."

Percy Collett born 1902 died 1998,
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Book by Percy Collett April 22. 2010
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The revelations from the Stigmatized nun.
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Volume 1. Creation, Birth, and Baptism
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· Vol. 3. More New Testament.
· Vol. 4. Easter Cross; Resurrection
. Vol.1-4 All 4 books

.Jesus Påske; (på Dansk)

Write about:
"Jesus: the Top Stone!"
The great Pyramid, having:
1: the same size as Heavenly Jerusalem,
2: and having the blueprint of all times and
Rutherford died at the age of 80 in 1974
Pyramidology Vol. 1.

"Bill Wiese"
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"the testimonies from Bill Wiese".


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40 days in Hell and in Heaven
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"By that (confidence), you are united in Me; It is for Me a precious, priceless and dearest treasure."

"By this you receive everlasting joy - otherwise, (or in contrary) when you decline it, you will end up in the darkest despair.

A revelation to: Krista Frandsen September 29.

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fottnote ¤ Mosebog 14:29. I Ørkenen her skal eders Kroppe falde, alle I, der blev mønstret, så mange I er fra Tyveårsalderen og opefter, I, som har knurret imod mig.
30. Sandelig, ingen af jer skal komme til det land, jeg med løftet Hånd svor at ville giver jer at bo i, med undtagelse af Kaleb, Jefunnes søn, og Josua, Nuns søn.

Salme 82
1. Gud står frem i Guders Forsamling midt iblandt Guder holder han Dom
2. "Hvor længe vil I dømme uredeligt og holde med de gudløse? - Sela.
3. Skaf de ringe og faderløse Ret, kend de arme og nødstedte fri;
4. red de ringe og fattige, fri dem ud af de gudløses hånd!
5. Dog, de kender intet, sanser intet, i Mørke vandrer de om, alle Jordens Grundvolde vakler.
6. Jeg har sagt, at I er Guder, I er alle den Højestes sønner;
7. dog skal I dø som mennesker, styrte som en af Fyrsterne!"
8. Rejs dig, o Gud, døm jorden, thi alle folkene får du til Arv!

Esajas 30:17. Tusind skal fly for een, som truer; Flugten skal I tage for fem, som truer, til I kun er en Rest som Stangen på Bjergets Tinde, som Banneret oppe på Højen.
18. Derfor længes Herren efter at vise jer Nåde, derfor står han op for at forbarme sig over eder. Thi Rettens Gud er Herren; salige alle, der længes efter ham!
19. Ja, du folk i Zion, du, som bor i Jerusalem, lad ikke Gråden overmande dig! Nådig vil han vise dig Nåde, når du råber; så snart han hører dig, svarer han.
20. Herren skal give jer Trængselsbrød og Fængselsdrik; men så skal din Vejleder ikke mere dølge sig, dine, øjne skal skue din Vejleder;
21. dine ører skal høre det ord bag ved dig: "Her er Vejen, I skal gå!" hver Gang I er ved at vige til højre eller venstre.
22. Da skal du holde dine sølvbilleders Overtræk og dine Guldbilleders Klædning for urene; du skal slænge dem bort som skarn. "Herud!" skal du sige til dem.
23. Da giver han Regn til Sæden, du,sår i din jord; og brødet, som din jord bærer, skal være kraftigt og nærende. På hin dag græsser dit Kvæg på vide Vange;
24. Okserne og Æslerne, der arbejder på Marken, skal æde saltet Blandfoder, renset med Kasteskovl og Fork.
25. På hvert højt Bjerg og hver knejsende Banke skal Kilder vælde frem med rindende vand på det store Blodbads dag, når Tårne falder.
26. Månens lys skal blive som Solens, og Solens lys skal blive syvfold stærkere, som syv dages lys, på hin dag da Herren forbinder sit folks Brud og læger dets slagne Sår.
27. Se, Herrens navn kommer langvejsfra i brændende Vrede, med tunge Skyer; hans Læber skummer af Vrede, fortærende Ild er hans Tunge,
28. hans Ånde som en rivende Strøm, der når til Halsen. folkene ryster han i undergangens Sold, lægger Vildelsens Bidsel i Folkeslags Mund.
29. Sang skal der være hos jer som i natten, når Højtid går ind, en Hjertens Glæde som en vandring til Fløjte mod Herrens Bjerg, mod Israels Klippe.
30. Herren lader høre sin Højheds Røst og viser sin Arm, der slår ned med fnysende Vrede, ædende Lue, Skybrud, skyllende Regn og Hagl.